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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Remarks on the Current Situation in Turkey

Q: Recently, due to the deteriorating Turkey-US relations, the Turkish lira fell considerably against the US dollar, which has aroused wide concern from the international community. What is your comment on the domestic situation in Turkey? Reports say that the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China recently inked a financing cooperation agreement worth 3.8 billion US dollars with the Turkish side. Please confirm it.

A: The Chinese side has been following the new developments in Turkey’s economy and foreign relations. Turkey is an important emerging market and maintaining stabilityand development in Turkey is conducive to regional peace and stability. China believes that the Turkish side is capable of overcoming the temporary economic difficulty. We hope that all relevant parties can resolve differences through dialogue.

China always attaches importance to its cooperation with Turkey in the economic, trade and financial areas and supports the companies of both sides in negotiating and signing relevant cooperation projects in accordance with market principles.


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